A Poetic Ode to Chemistry

From Hydrogen to Uranium,

The periodic table, a scientific anthem.

Chemical elements, building blocks of life,

Endless combinations, free from strife.


Hydrogen, the simplest of them all,

A single proton, a hydrogen ball.

It fuels the sun, and stars above,

And binds with oxygen, to create water’s love.


Carbon, the element of life,

Forms the backbone, in DNA’s strife.

It bonds with hydrogen, oxygen, and more,

Creating the molecules, that we adore.


Oxygen, the breath of air,

We inhale it, without a care.

It fuels our cells, and keeps us alive,

Without it, we couldn’t thrive.


From Nitrogen to Gold,

Each element, a story told.

Chemical reactions, in endless play,

The building blocks of our world, everyday.

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