Magical Stories from the chemistry

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Ant afloat!

I am an ant. I rushed to join my friends down a tree, only to slip and land on a paper boat. To my astonishment, I found myself adrift in a tub. I braced for water beneath the boat, yet it floated in a seemingly waterless tub.

Is the water invisible or am I dreaming I shouted loud. “Don’t worry, I am not the water( H2O). I am Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6); not the water to drown you. I am just a heavy gas.” I heard the voice from beneath.

The water bridge!

The Sun said it’s challenging to build a bridge over the water. It would require a lot of human efforts to divert the water temporarily to install and develop the supporting structures of the bridge.

But I (the high voltage) said, “Don’t worry. I would build the water bridge instead. So the effort to divert water would be reduced” Sun looked at me as if I was out of mind. So I didn’t argue with it. Instead, I challenged myself to prove it with a miniature water bridge.

I built a 25mm long water bridge within seconds, leaving them astonished. Do you know the secret? I just transferred the water from the anode beaker to the cathode beaker. I alone could build it. I won my challenge. But don’t question me if the water bridge serves the actual purpose of building a bridge.

Fireflies born in a lab!

I loved fireflies. My friends would hike the forests in the night to catch the fireflies. They would bring them home in glass jars. I would feel amazed to see them lit up bright in the dark. 

So I created my own fireflies; so that I would not need to sacrifice my sleep to catch them at night. So I had my own fireflies lit up at night, and my friends looked amazed.

If they went behind the bioluminescence, I had my chemiluminescence from the bioluminescence. I had allowed the reaction of luciferin with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the presence of the enzyme luciferase in my jar, similar to that of bioluminescence. I am intelligent, right?

Self-luminescent snow!

It was a newly inaugurated snow city. They had claimed it was filled with self-luminescent snow. People, including me, had crowded at the entrance. I entered the snow city and was spellbound at the colourful visuals of snow around in the darkness. 

I took a heap of snow in my hand, astonished to find it wasn’t cold either. It was fake snow! Yet the people poured in, and the city made huge profits with the entry tickets.

The chemist in me knew the story of the snow. Water and fluorescence dye was added to the Sodium Polyacrylate, a polymer!

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