The Fate of the Universe – An Elegy, to Tune and Wonder the Future


The universe, so wide and vast,

Do you believe it will end at last?


How? Knows none, wonders all,

“The big rip” might answer it all,

Dark energy rips away the forces,

That holds together the universe,

Tearing space-time, which is worse.


The dark matter loves to crunch,

If the universe is tasty for lunch,

Pulling the universe together,

The reverse of the big bang altogether.

Gulps the universe in “The big crunch” ever.


The dark matter might puke it out,

With the universe bouncing back throughout,

If it finds the universe tasteless in a way,

The big bounce would save us for the day,

The universe starting from scratch anyway.


Wondering about the above, more adding theories,

The universe evaporates out to somewhere mysterious,

Not just the black holes have Hawking’s radiation,

Space-time curvature, too, owns the radiation,

To evaporate the universe, scientists say in determination.



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