Exciting Science Pranks to Brighten Your Day!


Feeling a little blah? Time to infuse some fun into life with hilarious pranks that show off the lighter side of science!

Alright, let’s jump right in!

Prank 1: The Instant Ice Tea

Whip up a cup of tea for your friend and generously offer to add sugar. One spoon in, a quick stir, and voila, the tea has transformed into an icy slush! Hang on, how did that happen?

Your secret weapon is Sodium Polyacrylate, a super-absorbent compound that sucks up water in a flash. So instead of sugar, you’re adding a pinch of this magic powder, and the tea freezes instantaneously. 

Where can you get Sodium Polyacrylate? Easy! It’s hiding inside diapers as absorbent powder.

Remember: Ice tea made this way isn’t for drinking!

Prank 2: The Leaky Water Bottle

At dinner, casually place a water bottle next to your friend’s plate. They open the lid and, surprise! Water shoots out in every direction. As they panic, you calmly close the lid, and the leakage stops. What’s this sorcery?

It’s simply a playful display of air pressure! You’ve secretly pricked four small holes at the bottom of the bottle. When the bottle is upright and the lid is closed, the air pressure inside and outside the bottle balances out, and no water escapes. But the moment the lid is opened or the bottle is tilted, the water feels the change in pressure and gushes out.

Note: Use caution when making the holes and keep the prank away from electronics.

Prank 3: The Indestructible Balloon

While chatting, nonchalantly pick a blown-up balloon and slide a skewer through it. But wait, the balloon doesn’t burst!

The balloon’s secret lies in its polymer composition. At the top and bottom, where the rubber isn’t stretched too thin, it can withstand the skewer. But if your friend tries their luck at any random spot, they’re in for a loud surprise!

Note: Be careful with the skewer and make sure your friend knows what they’re getting into.

Prank 4: Floating Letters

Next, show off your water-writing skills. Place a bowl of water with floating letters on a table and claim that you can make words come alive on water. But when your friend tries, their letters sink to the bottom.

This enchanting trick works because you’ve written on a ceramic surface with a dry-erase marker. The ink doesn’t stick well to the surface, and being water-insoluble, it lifts off and floats on the water once the ceramic is submerged.

Note: Let the ink dry on the ceramic for a minute or two before dipping it into the water.

Prank 5: The Jekyll and Hyde Juice

Serve your friend a glass of ‘juice’ that is actually Oobleck, a mix of cornstarch and water. They’ll be flabbergasted when their drink solidifies in their mouth but flows like a liquid when they tilt the glass!

This weird behaviour comes from the non-Newtonian properties of Oobleck. Its viscosity changes with applied pressure – it flows like a liquid under low pressure but hardens under high pressure.

Note: Although Oobleck is safe to consume, it’s not known for its delightful taste!

Armed with these pranks, you’re all set to bring some science-fueled laughter to your friends’ lives. Stick around for more fun science pranks!


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