Career Opportunities

Implementation Engineer

As a museum the most fundamental unit is an exhibit. As an Implementation Engineer you will be helping build cool, crazy and fun exhibits based on science and technology.

Software Developer

Testing and deploying programs and systems. Producing clean, efficient code based on specifications. Verify and deploy programs and systems 

Brand Manager & Marketing Manager

The job consists of managing, refining and presenting the Param Museum brand. This is not as easy as it seems because only a crazy person can live upto and deliver the brand image we are trying to construct.

Communications & Collaborations Officer

The job involves talking to potential collaborators and sponsors and convincing them about the project. This involves getting in touch with institutions .

Graphic Designer

The job involves conception of designs and graphic visual materials harmonious with the mission of the Museum. This includes print, digital, museum exhibition graphics, marketing collateral, and presentation materials.

Web Designer

The job involves designing and building the interface, navigation and aesthetic of websites for businesses and clients.

Social Media Manager

Responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies to increase brand awareness, engagement, and traffic to a company’s social media channels

Woodwork Craftsman

Design and maintain a carpenter workshop. Blueprint and create models as required. Also collaborate with external consultancies on woodwork. 

Exhibit Designer

Exhibit design is a creative career that may involve developing ideas and concepts for unique and innovative designs. Creative design skills are valuable in making new designs for the centre.

Product Designer

We are looking for a Physical Product Designer to design functional and attractive products that people want to use. Product Designer responsibilities include conceptualizing products, crafting specifications and creating models and prototypes.

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