The Resources and tools involve the fundamental principles of science and technology. These are the building blocks of one’s career, passion, motivation, skill set and psyche which make up one’s reality.

Various Subcomponents:

  1. Conquer the 5 Elements
  2. Tickle your Senses(Maya)
  3. Peace & Beauty

Conquer the 5 Elements

Imagine an amusement park that harnesses the wonders of science. Through a gallery of rides and experiences the user shall learn to appreciate and revel in the power and beauty of air, space, fire, water and earth.

Indoor Skydiving
Tesla Coil
Fire Arena
Outdoor Water Park
DIY Pottery, Wood, Glass
Music Zone
Light Arena
Smell & Taste
Friction & Gravity
Glass Bridge

Tickle your Senses

Without senses there is nothing as there is no way one can perceive anything at all. Overwhelm your senses and realise the true nature of perception as one goes through a rollercoaster of illusions, sensory overload and finally enjoyment.

Peace & Beauty

Harmonise with the inherent aesthetics of science, math and technology. Caste aside fear of these seemingly complex concepts as you enter the heaven of beauty where even a caveman shall gasp in awe.

Science & Math Art
Collaborative Art Zone
Mechanical Art
Nature Art