Highlights of the Event!!

Event Highlights
Illusion Zone

The Zone consisted of 50 exhibitions where the audience experienced colourful, space-based and perception-based illusions. From Muller Lyer illusions to mirascope frog, this zone was designed as a walkthrough lobby letting visitors spend ample amount of time  as they admired and understood the science behind the illusions. 

The zone was appreciated by not only by the school kids who visited but also visitors across all generations.

This zone gave a very well deserved start to the experience. Visitors were further welcomed by physical illusion art as they departed the zone.

Event Highlights
Rubik's Cube Zone

The Rubik’s cube zone was meticulously designed to display various types of Rubik’s cubes, not only in size but also various shapes and arrays. visitors were encouraged to solve multiple cubes.

Most visitors also enjoyed watching the IoT based cube solvers and were also fascinated to use the bluetooth cube which helped them solve the cube stepwise while being connected to a device.

Additionally, this zone further saw various generations dawdling and hovering, as they tried to solve the cubes without giving up. This also helped them, as they relaxed after the walk through the entire gallery.


Event Highlights
Bio-Geo-Chemical Zone

Kickstarted by a DIY set of plugin and magnetic molecular structures, this zone had quick interactions from visitors as they tried to build complex structures with simple pieces as displayed on the wall.

To keep them going various slides were observed by the microscope and presented on monitor screens for a much more detailed view.

Mesmerising them further were several naturally occurring minerals, procured from the depths of the earth.

Event Highlights
Wooden Mechanical Zone

The wooden mechanical zone was an attractive presentation to explain the basic working of a geared system. Not only were there simple hand cranked geared mechanisms but also complex self cranking mechanisms. 

The most appreciated of these were the geared clock with a keyed spring steel tension for a 24hr run and a helicopter model run by tensioned rubber bands.

This zone also saw a high footfall to try and solve life-size wooden puzzles where visitors were challenged to free the thread from within the puzzle.



Event Highlights
Digital & Virtual Zone

The award for the Most Memorable Experience of the event was snatched by Virtual Reality, as visitors of all ages were transported to a whole new world with just a quick wear. Students from all walks of life were introduced to this experience, creating a greater social impact and igniting passions.

A more sublime experience for visitors to take back was seeing the ever heard 3D printer in all its little might and working. Visitors also were astonished by how easily available this technology is and yet how many complex solutions it can provide.

Powered by the wrath of the AI technology was the weave silk, that generated mesmerising mandala designs just by simple swipes on a touch screen device, and the AIplayground site that generated proprietary graphic images just by understanding user input descriptions.

Event Highlights
Kinetic Art Zone

Kinetic arts are visual treats created through mechanical movements. These simple shapes shapes create hypnotic patterns and keep viewers engage in awe.

Alongside these were tensegrity exhibits, made by tying multiple rods with tension strings to form a complex yet sturdy structures.

Event Highlights
Pulley Zone

This zone was designed simply to bring about the basic understanding of how pulleys when put together in simple structures can ease out heavy tasks in day to day life.

Further observed here by the visitors was the direct proportionality of weight to height, where as the load for the user reduced the height at which the bag was raised also reduced.

Event Highlights
Behind the Scenes

It was only with the joint efforts of the team and the extremely helpful and enthusiastic volunteers that we were able to make our first event successful and memorable.