Aarohan – BNMIT Fest

Aarohan – BNMIT Fest

Aarohan - BNMIT Fest


July 6, 2023 - July 7, 2023    
All Day


BNM Institute of Technology
12th Main Road, 27th Cross, Banashankari Stage II., Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560070, Banashankari

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The BNMIT had hosted the lively Aarohan Fest, a vibrant celebration of innovation, technology, and creativity. Among the numerous stalls and exhibits featured at the event, Param’s Sci-tech Exhibit Stall truly stood out as an enchanting display of scientific breakthroughs and technological marvels. By providing a glimpse into the captivating realms of science and technology, Param successfully captured the attention and enthusiasm of its audience.

The Param Innovation exhibit presented a range of captivating interactive displays suitable for visitors of all ages. These displays included a variety of brain-teasers, challenging puzzles, and models illustrating scientific concepts, all designed to encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. This approach made learning an engaging and immersive experience for all who attended.

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