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Ball Hole: Mind Moves, Skills Shine!

Ball Hole: Mind Moves, Skills Shine!


October 17, 2025 - October 24, 2025    
12:00 am

Event Type

Ball Hole Game

Tales of Ingenuity

In 1889, Charles Martin Crandall crafted the inaugural ball maze game patent in the U.S. Though distinct from our game, it showcased the enduring charm of this timeless challenge.

The Puzzle Odyssey

  • Objective: Raise the ball to the top hole using ropes without falling into other holes.
  • Pulling the Ropes: Use the attached ropes to manoeuvre the ball through the hole carefully.
  • No Tilting or Base Movement: Unlike other maze games, the base remains stable; only the ropes are used for navigation.
  • Falling into Holes: The game restarts if the ball tips and falls into a hole. House rules might allow limited retries.
  • Precision and Patience: Players must exhibit steady hands and patience, ensuring the ball moves upward without mishaps.
  • Strategic Planning: Plan each rope pull strategically; think ahead to avoid pitfalls and guide the ball effectively.
  • Team Play (Optional): In group settings, players can collaborate, discussing tactics and pulling ropes together to achieve the goal.
  • Variations Allowed: Players can introduce variations, such as limited retries or challenging routes, depending on their agreement, to add excitement.

 Cognitive Advancements

  • Hone Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Foster Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Teamwork and Cooperation