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Counter Balance: Balance the Thrill, Master the Skill!

Counter Balance: Balance the Thrill, Master the Skill!


October 17, 2025 - October 24, 2025    
12:00 am

Event Type

Counter Balance


Counterbalance: Creating Equilibrium with Opposite Forces, Avoiding Excess.

DIY Challenge

Dynamic Dice Game:

  • Roll the dice and strategically place blocks on the disk.
  • Balancing act: don’t topple the blocks or let the disk touch the baseboard.

Game Setup:

  • Decide the first player by rolling the dice; the highest number starts.
  • Use blocks matching the rolled number from the pile or bag.
  • Players take turns placing blocks without overlapping.

Balancing Challenges:

  • Place blocks carefully, avoiding toppling or disk/baseboard contact.
  • Each turn increases the tension: balance versus risk.

Winning and Draws:

  • The game ends if a block topples all others or a disk touches the baseboard.
  • The player causing this loses; the opponent wins.
  • If all blocks are placed and still balanced, the game ends in a draw.
  • In a tie, start anew by clearing the disk and reshuffling blocks.