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Hologram Fan: Elevating Visual Excellence!

Hologram Fan: Elevating Visual Excellence!


October 17, 2025 - October 24, 2025    
12:00 am

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Hologram fan


Tales of Ingenuity

  • 1947: The Concept Emerges

Dennis Gabor pioneered holography while enhancing electron microscopes and coined the term “holography”.

  • 1960: Laser Revolution

Russian and American scientists invented the first laser,       shaping modern holography. 

  • 1962: White-Light Reflection Hologram

Denisyuk created the first viewable white-light reflection Hologram.

  • 1968: White-Light Transmission Holography

Benton pioneered full-color white-light transmission holography.

  • 1972: First Moving 3D Hologram

Lloyd Cross crafted the first moving 3D Hologram with the white-light transmission.

  • 1989: Electroholography Advancements

MIT pioneered dynamic holographic displays with electroholography.

  • 2005: Laser Plasma Display

The University of Texas developed the first 3D holographic display with laser plasma.

  • 2011: DARPA’s Project UPST

DARPA unveiled a dynamic holographic tabletop display project.

  • 2012: Automotive Integration

The first holographic car display featured in Lykan HyperSport.

  • 2013: Mass Market Prediction

MIT foresees mass-market holographic displayed within a decade.


Innovative Display Technology:

  • The 3D holographic LED fan display, also called persistence of vision (POV) display, offers a cutting-edge experience by creating realistic visuals.

How POV Displays Work:

  • Creates the optical illusion of movement by displaying static images quickly.

  • The human eye can’t process individual frames rapidly, making images appear in motion.

Historical Perspective:

  • The persistence of vision concepts existed for centuries, dating back to the 18th century.

  • Practical POV displays with LED technology emerged in the late 20th century.


Innovative Technology:

  • Holographic fans use strips of RGB LEDs attached to their blades.
  • A control unit illuminates these LEDs, creating a complete image illusion.

Dynamic Animation:

  • These LED beads are continuously refreshed with new content.
  • This process results in high-definition, full-colour video animations that appear to float seamlessly in mid-air.

HoloTech Advancements

  • Eye-Catching Impact:

Draws attention with realistic 3D holographic effects, leaving a lasting impression.

  • High Definition:

Features high-definition full-color video animation, delivering a realistic and immersive experience.

  • Ease of Use:

Simple setup and operation, hassle-free for displaying content.

  • Customizability:

Displays a wide range of content, from 3D logos to product models, tailored to specific needs and goals.