Science Center

Param will make sure that anyone who experiences this  journey will reinvent themselves and build their own reality via a confident past, creative present and curiosity for the future. Further more the visitors will rediscover themselves psychologically, anatomically and physically after going through awe, awareness, sensitisation and thought provoking interactions. Param deconstructs 4 major components to take this harmonious reality to the audience.


Foundation involves experience, understanding oneself, one's roots and history of science, technology and philosophy.


The vision or blueprint gives the visitors directions and guides them into the future to prepare them for opportunities and challenges that may arise.


Craftsmanship, effort and organisation refer to innovation, creativity and ingenuity that drives a project to completion.


The Resources and tools involve the fundamental principles of science and technology that are the building blocks of one’s career and passion.

Innovation Center

With over a billion talented minds filled with idea all we need is more professional implementation which creates a need for incubation and innovation space for everyone. This is very much required for students, startups and also the ever thriving community of businessmen and professionals.

It is but a pipe dream for most incubators to find investors. We, at param aim to provide a platform for this raw creativity that helped ISRO reach mars at an unbelievable cost which was lesser than the cost of making hollywood movie Gravity.


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