Incubation and Innovation Lab

India made it to Mars at a rate less than auto-rickshaw. Only possible due to raw ingenuity (Jugaad). This centre aims to pull out this raw creativity and a billion ideas and push towards professional implementations.

Ideation & Prototyping Centre
Applied Business Centre
SciTech Resident Ecosystem

Ideation & Prototyping Centre

Ideation centre
‘If we both exchange one rupee, then we both have one rupee. If we both exchange ideas, then we both have two ideas.’ -Swami Vivekananda
Promote ideation and prototyping with a low bar for entry. Focus on ingenuity and creativity and not deep tech.
Collaboratively develop ideas and validate them. This centre will allow for inhouse experts, visiting public and fellow colleagues to discuss, collaborate, validate and improve ideas. This will be a hotbed for experiments on collaborative research.

Prototyping Centre
Once ideated. The prototype of Minimum Viable Product has to be developed. This shows the basic viability and is a proof of concept. 
This centre will require state of the art modelling and prototyping lab set up. It will include necessary mechanisms, subscriptions for software platforms and a list of standard tools. It will focus on both physical and digital prototypes but focusing on ingenuity and adaptations one existing systems rather than cutting edge deep tech.

Applied Business Centre

Learn how to scale up and keep pace with this fast world. Be tech savvy, be scientifically empowered and be relevant. This centre will help transform your prototype to the real world. From workshops, control groups and finally branding help. This centre will be run through guest lectures and consultancy. It will also help existing SME scale up and become unique and relevant. This may include even a small shoe store or your local chatwala.
Further possibilities contingent on available logistics and resources

  • Legal support
  • Tech support
  • Networking
  • HR and admin support

SciTech Resident Ecosystem

This will be a set of startups/companies/centres/businesses which are relevant to science and technology and will act as a guide ecosystem for incoming aspirants. They will act as idea validators, mentors and will collaborate and help each other out. It will be open to businesses which train people in scientific/business disciplines.