Innovation Center

Incubation & Innovation Lab Overview

With over a billion talented minds all we need is more professional implementation which will then create a space for anyone to incubate and innovate. This is very much required for students, startups, etc but also for ever thriving community of entrepreneurs and professionals. It is but a pipe dream for most incubators to find investors and we at param aim to  provide such individuals a platform to tap this raw creativity. This is exactly the kind of ingenuity that aided ISRO to reach mars at a cost lesser than what it cost to make the movie GRAVITY.

This is split into 3 components.

  1. Ideation centre
  2. Prototyping Centre
  3. Applied Business centre


Ideation Centre

‘If we both exchange one rupee, then we both have one rupee. If we both exchange ideas, then we both have two ideas.’ -Swami Vivekananda

Param offers its ideation centre for anyone with an idea at a minimal cost. Focus on ingenuity and creativity and not deep tech. Anyone will be able collaboratively develop ideas and validate them. This centre will allow for in-house experts and the visiting public to discuss, collaborate, validate and improve upon their ideas. This will be a hotbed for experiments on collaborative research.

Prototyping Centre

This centre will provide a more hands on experience for anyone who wishes to build prototypes based on their ideas. It is a great platform for building products through ideating and prototyping. This centre will have in-house experts who will validate ideas and prototypes.

Applied Business Centre

This is the space that will help anyone learn to scale up and keep pace with this fast paced world to be tech savvy, be scientifically empowered and be relevant. This centre will help build a product for the real world along with help through workshops, control groups and branding as well. The centre will conduct regular interactions with guest lectures and consultancies. It will also help existing SMEs scale up and become unique and relevant. This may include a small shoe store or your local chatwala. Further possibilities are dependent on available logistics and resources. This includes Legal, Technical, Networking and HR support.