Craftsmanship, effort, and organization refer to the innovation, creativity, and ingenuity that drives a project to completion.

Various Subcomponents:

  1. Ideate & Create (DIY)
  2. Sensation & Awareness
  3. Critical Thinking

Ideate & Create (DIY)

Get your hands dirty as you don’t see things but instead get down to making things. Test the limits of your creativity as you explore a large expanse of experiments, constructions, do-it-yourself shows and much more.

Biotinkering Lab
DIY Fountain
Mad Laboratory
Magic Workshop
Escape Rooms
Rube Goldberg Machine

Sensation & Awareness

To truly enjoy science and technology is impossible if our minds and bodies are not in the right state. Understand the pitfalls as you get aware and sensitised to both identify and deal with these challenges. This gallery hopes to sensitise even teachers and parents to provide a conducive environment and thereby identify budding potential.

Critical Thinking

One of the most underrated and lacking skill in this age of quick information is the ability to think and specifically think critically. Not just question but to ponder as you wander. Enjoy the power of logic, reasoning, thought as you compete through with both yourself and others.

Philosophy Walkthrough
Puzzle Zone
Competition Room