Science Center

The built up area of the entire project is around 11,00,000 sq feet. We are looking at a built up area of around 3,30,000 sq feet dedicated to the Science, Technology and innovation centre. This is excluding the outdoor space which will also be utilised for open exhibits. 

The major components are as follows

  • Interactive Exploratorium
  • Learning and Discovery Centre
  • Incubation and Innovation Lab

Interactive Exploratorium

This is a highly interactive centre that shall captivate all ages. It will showcase Science and Technology in context while igniting lifelong passion in individuals.

Learning and Discovery

This component is for students of all ages(3 to 30), their parents and teachers. It shall focus on how to learn, careers, opportunities, sensitisation and awareness.

Incubation and Innovation

India made it to Mars at a rate less than auto-rickshaw. Only possible due to raw ingenuity (Jugaad). This centre aims to pull out this raw creativity