Science Center

As one makes their way through the Param experience, one will reinvent themselves and build their own reality through confidence from the past, creativity in the present and curiosity for the future.

This experience aims to help an individual build their own reality.

The very notion of building something involves a solid foundation and experience, guided by a vision and blueprint. The process involves bringing together resources with effort and craftsmanship. Thus the process of reinventing or rebuilding consists of the following 4 major components.

4 Major Components

Param deconstructs these components to take this reality to the audience.


Foundation involves experience, understanding yourself, your roots and your history of science, technology and philosophy.


The Resources and tools involve the fundamental principles of science and technology. These are the building blocks of one’s career, passion.


Craftsmanship, effort and organisation refer to the innovation, creativity and ingenuity that drives a project to completion.


The vision or blueprint gives us directions and guides us into the future. One is prepared for opportunities and challenges that may arise.