Science Quiz Competition


Competitions are great for students. There is a wide range of science competitions that your students can take part in. With everything from essay, photo and video competitions to practical projects, there’s something to interest every student.

Besides the array of downloadable materials you can make use of in your lessons, as homework or part of a science club, the benefits of taking part include learning how to work in a team, grasping how lessons apply to real-world problems – plus a possible bit of extra cash!

You can jump straight to the lists of science-writing prizes or more arty competitions (such as photography and drawing prizes) or simply read on to discover what’s open to you and your students this academic year.

Registration opens: now
Closes: 17 March 2023

This Quiz is ended


Score Name Interests Standard Time Taken
30 Setha K Reading books 8th
23 pravallika ch Listening to music Btech
20 Ruba K Reading books 8th 00:02:23
19 Mani K Listening to music 8th
10 test new US Elections 2022 6th 00:00:36
10 Kavitha M Playing Games 6th
0 pravallika ch Reading books 8th 00:00:34