Vision & Mission

Today’s internet age of information we do not need to push information. Instead we should aim for the following

Creativity : Ignite passion and raw inspiration

Curiosity : Seed of awareness and need for scientific literacy at all ages

Confidence : Direction and guidance on the wonders and depth of science and technology.


Param seeks to create a new age convention centre catered to the growing needs of modern India. Our project aspires to guide young India by instigating curiosity, nurturing creativity and establishing confidence. The forefront of the Param project is the Science, Technology and Innovation centre. With state-of-the-art quality, the innovation centre would be as phenomenal as any amusement park, mesmerising even primitive minds with the beauty of science and technology, while also being educational at the same time. We aim to make it a remarkable destination for the residents of this city as well as for outsiders, attracting them here for the unique experience.