Volunteering Opportunities

Blog Post or article

Write a blog post on anything related to Science, Technology or Innovation. Please add the relevant references/sources and also ensure that any image can be used by Param (copyrights and license).

Topic of your Choice

Choose any science or technology topic of your choice and analyse possible exhibits in that topic. This link will give you a brief overview of your task.

Posts, Posters and Puzzles

Help create the next juicy instagram infographic, beautiful wall poster, or logic puzzle for param. Get creative and send in your creations to info@paraminnovation.org. By doing this in you are agreeing to allow param to use your content.

Get Creative

If you have an ideas for exhibits, create detailed briefs of your ideas with relevant links and sources. Send in your idea to to info@paraminnovation.org.

Code and Software

We need interesting standalone digital tools and software to help tickle the audience’s mind. This is both for our website and also for the physical museum.

Spread the word

Tell the world about Param by putting up our posters, sharing our social media content and reaching out to large groups of people digitally and physically.

Meta Volunteer

Help manage volunteers and volunteer tasks. This is only for those committed to a long term relationship with Param. If interested please email hr@paraminnovation.org.

Get us resources

We need to constantly send in proposals for CSR, grants and awards to be relevant and gain credibility. Your task to identify opportunities out there.